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Colgate Paper Stock specializes and tailors a recycling plan for each individual client. Our recycling professionals are certified from Rutgers University and provide assistance to fulfill your specific needs. Here is a listing of services we provide. If you have any questions please contact us.

Recycling Audits

Colgate will perform a thorough recycling audit to analyze your waste stream to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill by diverting your recyclable materials such as cardboard, office paper, plastics, etc. Our recycling specialists develop and implement-recycling programs based on material type, volume and quality, which provide significant cost savings for our clients. Taking into consideration building layout, size, and labor force, we can properly determine time saving methods to implement a successful program. Our recycling programs also enable our clients to become more environmentally friendly within their community and cohere with state recycling guidelines.

Monthly Reports

At Colgate, we have advanced computer systems to provide customers with more accurate and detailed information. Each month our customers receive monthly statements that contain a precise breakdown by location, material, date, exact weights (taken from our state certified scales on site) and bale counts. Upon request we can tailor individual reports that can document your specific parameters. We also provide required reporting to the city, county and state that maintains you are in compliance with State Recycling Mandates.

Baler / Equipment Installations

Colgate Paper Stock will provide equipment to handle your recycling needs. A Colgate representative will meet with your team to assess materials, volumes and service needs and tailor a proposal for you specific requirements. You receive a detailed plan, with recommendations of proper equipment along with practical purchase and/or leasing options. 

Material Delivered To Our Facility 

We buy loose and compacted recycled materials from customers who collect and transport to our facility in small and large collection vehicles. We accommodate all types of trucks including 100 yard Walking Floor Units, Box Vans, Flatbeds, Roll-offs, Rear and Front Load Packers, Pick-up Trucks etc. With the understanding of identity theft, Colgate offers Certified Paper Destruction to protect confidential material from public hands.

On Site Drop-Trailers and Live-Loading

Whether you already have a baler or Colgate provides one, our drivers will collect your cardboard bales on a regular schedule, or on call. This is convinient for customers requiring collection with less than truckload quantities. Our fleet of tractors will routinely remove your bales and we will pay you monthly. Is the recyclable material getting in the way of your business, why not have a Colgate trailer on site at one of your docks? At your convenience load one of our 150 - 45' semis, and then call our dispatch to schedule an empty when you are ready. We maintain and provide timely pick-ups to assure no disruption to your operations. If you do not have the space to drop a trailer, Colgate will have a driver wait while you load your recyclables. 

City of New Brunswick Drop-off 

In cooperation with the City of New Brunswick, Colgate provides the residents and small businesses a convenient place to bring recyclables as a supplement to the regular curbside program. This opportunity applies every Saturday morning from 7:30am to 11:30am. Not a New Brunswick Resident, check with your city for program availability and schedules.

We look forward to working with you, so please fill out your information on the contact us  page and contact our Sales Representative at your earliest convenience to discuss possibilities further.